MUSIC VIDEO DEBUT: "Static Snake Charmer" by Al Lover >>> BRISTOL IN STEREO

I’m so excited this project is finally out in the world for all to see! I first met Al Lover when he performed at Far Out Fest in May 2018 and we became friends, hard and fast, starting with easily convincing him to join us at our unofficial after-party at the local goth night.

I hand-drew the title cards and used risograph printed images to create the stop-motion animated sequences. I also worked with my crew in Labrys Light Show to create abstract layers reminiscent of the movements of sidewinder snakes.

Channeling inspiration from the title “Static Snake Charmer”, we explore our connection to the Earth through a kind of hypnotism, tuning into the universal image of rebirth.

Here’s the first look, via Bristol In Stereo, who described it as “gorgeously rich”:

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