Curating the Vibe! >>> THE EAST NASHVILLIAN

This was the most amazing honor for me to appear in the 2018 Music issue of The East Nashvillian! In 2018, I did more interviews than ever and every one was a new and awkward learning experience for me. There’s a part of me that feels weird that the very last thought I express in this article is kind of negative - “I don’t dig that.” isn’t my proudest quote of all time - but the sentiment is true and that’s what counts. I feel like this article really summed up succinctly who I am (as much as a single page can, anyway). Thanks to Brittney McKenna for being a lovely interviewer and Travis Commeau and Natasha Colleran for making me feel so comfortable during the shoot in the white-hot heat and making me look pretty alright.

The amount of people who have stopped me to look me in the eyes and tell me they loved the article has just touched my heart deeply. Read it on The East Nashvillian here.

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