Holy Sons' Emil Amos on Podcasting, Lost Art and Finding Peace >>> ORIGINAL FUZZ BLOG

It was a true pleasure and honor to get to spend some time with Emil Amos (Om, Grails, Lilacs & Champagne, Holy Sons...) backstage at Exit/In before Holy Sons opened for the Japanese legends MONO. If you liked what you read, make sure to listen to his podcast Drifter's Sympathy on the Feral Audio network. Check out the full story here or keep scrolling... -- KLA

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Meditating with Eric Slick >>> ORIGINAL FUZZ BLOG

I first met Eric Slick in 2010 (?) when he played a show in my tiny East Nashville living room with Hop Along and Lithuania. Since then, I've seen him perform numerous times with Dr. Dog, once at The End with Lithuania, and, now, solo at Fond Object Records' 4th Avenue location in downtown Nashville, as well as with a full band backing him later that evening at the High Watt venue nearby. It's been really inspiring to see the things he's accomplished and to get a chance to dig in deep with him about a range of existential subjects.

You can read my interview with him (and the help of my friends / colleagues Liz and Lee) on the Original Fuzz blog here or keep scrolling to check it out. -- KLA

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